Holistic and collaborative interior solutions that bring your values to life.

I believe that our interior environment is an extension of ourselves, a second skin that supports our well-being.

My Design Philosophy

The interior shell that surrounds us can be thought of as a second skin that requires thoughtful choices. At a base level, I encourage my clients to avoid exposure to potential toxins and irritants in materials such as carpets, paints, and furniture which can be harmful to our health.

But Second Skin Spaces go even deeper than that.

Our interior environments are a tool to improve our overall well-being, through their beauty, comfort, and in their reflection of our values and uniqueness.

Taking the time to define our values along with our physical and emotional needs ensures that our efforts translate into a space that is authentic and supportive – feeling like a second skin.

I look forward to connecting with you to create a space that uniquely serves you.


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I need to tell you how stunningly gorgeous and beautiful…I don’t want to say perfect, but how you elevated everything that you came into contact with – all the rooms just work together. It is amazing how your vision just makes my home so beautiful. I’m really overwhelmed with gratitude that you are in my life and that you can bring such beauty into my surroundings. Thank you for all you have brought to our lives!
G.S., San Francisco CA

You pleasantly surprised me today with such a broader and brighter definition of decorating. I am making a home that serves my needs and feeds my positive emotions. That’s quite different than just shopping for a table and couch. These tactical requirements have broadened my understanding that I am designing a life solution not just a room. Thank you so much for your time. You really reframed my approach already.
I.S., San Francisco, CA

We hired Jennifer to design the interiors for a large scale remodeling/room addition project. We removed an outside wall between a narrow family room and sun porch and created a spacious space for casual living and entertaining. We also added an upstairs sitting room above this space and remodeled the master bath. We are thrilled with the results! We love the finishes, the custom built-in cabinetry, the furniture layouts, and last but not least, the paint and fabric choices. We highly recommend Jennifer for her creativity, attention to detail and knack for working with contractors. H.W. Chicago, IL