Comfortably Modern

San Anselmo, California
Jen turned this contractor-special HOUSE into a comfortable, modern, inviting HOME which showcases the owner’s appreciation for fun, colorful, whimsical art and culture. A love for iconic, mid-century atomic ranch style, mixed with livability and contemporary features transformed this renovation into an authentic Second Skin home.

VALUES defined by the Second Skin journey:

Modern, Clean Lines, Unique, Friendly, Comfortable, Iconic, Durable, Cool & Warm, Restorative.

VALUES manifested in the
Living Space & Kitchen:

Clean Lines, Cool & Warm
Crisp edges and coolness in the kitchen layout are complemented by the adjacent living room’s softer, relaxed, warm and cozy vibe, accented with pops of color. A modern floor to ceiling framed fireplace and media center help to simplify the living room layout and enhance the perceived height of the ceiling. The central, towering, marquise- cut of the media center provides a defined gallery wall space on either side, for showcasing the home owners’ dynamic modern art collection.
When renovating the bathrooms, a goal was to transform what felt compact into something that felt generously spaced. This was accomplished by utilizing narrow, long windows combined with curbless shower areas, neutral color themes, custom floating cabinetry and wall hung toilets. In removing what wasn’t needed, to maximize space, a restorative sanctuary ambiance emerged in each of the home owners’ his and hers, respective retreats.

Values manifested in the Bathrooms:

Restorative, Comfortable, Durable

Values manifested in the Dining Space:

Unique, Friendly, Iconic
True to the California lifestyle, disappearing folding doors were chosen for pool access while the kitchen and dining room material palette was designed to blend lines between indoor and outdoor. The existing kitchen table was a useful workhorse with solid bones and met the home owner’s needs. Based on the home owner’s values, ultimately the table was salvaged and paired with iconic George Nelson lighting pendants and Eames molded plastic chairs. All in alignment with modern, clean kitchen lines.

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