French-Industrial Modern

San Francisco, California
Jen transformed a San Francisco Victorian into a modern, French-industrial abode, while staying true to the resident families’ authentic style and their driving values.

VALUES defined by the Second Skin journey:

Serene, Family Centered, Health Conscious, Responsibly Sourced, Open, Airy, Cheerful, Orderly, Multi-Use

VALUES manifested in the

Family Centered, Responsibly Sourced
The original interior courtyard of the home was opened up via salvaged windows which express reclamation through its aged details and wavy glass. Incorporating a trifecta of long windows allowed more light into the adjacent corridor and added a hybrid hangout and work zone. While the shape and age of the windows complimented the Victorian heritage of the home, painting them black hinted at the industrial modern motif of the renovation.
Positioned in the sunset of San Francisco, this Victorian row house stands in the fog and moisture much of the year. Therefore, bright and energizing colors were chosen in support of a subdued to neutral, cooling blue-green palette. Tonal selections embody the emotional side of the family and promote flow when traveling from space to space. Utility and cheerful beauty come together in the kitchen with the hard-wearing leathered finish on black granite countertops: a cost-effective material which excels at hiding stains and smudges while supporting the natural beauty of the hand-selected marble for the island.

VALUES manifested in the
Tones & Surfaces:

Cheerfulness, Serenity

VALUES manifested in the Dining Space:

Open & Airy, Orderly, Multi-Use
To celebrate the bones of this Victorian emphasis was placed on the original decorative openings and archways with a darkly painted border coat which hid age imperfections while adding a pop of modern. Because the dining table doubles as an in-home office space during the day, a specific cabinet above the nook was sculpted to tuck away business materials when family-time is on the docket. Like the dining table, the interior courtyard bench space that is naturally light-filled is designed to offer a comfortable place to gather, read or to complete homework. The durable and easy to clean organic linen cushions are a cuddly and inviting spot to hang while meals are being prepared.
The homeowners are a health conscious family who regularly shop at the farmers market for clean and fresh foods which they can now store in their separate dual fridge and freezer. Highly valuing indoor air quality, attention was paid to limit off-gassing and harmful dust particles from fabrics and finishes. Locally sourced ceramic subway tile, hand-made Etsy-sourced light fixtures and aforementioned organic linens mix to embody the home owner’s commitment to a healthy, nontoxic lifestyle.

VALUES manifested in the
Fixtures & Materials:

Health Conscious, Responsibly Sourced
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